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Genasis Enterprises provides 1 hour consultations for $125 in order to create a customized plan for each customer.


Once we look over your current bookkeeping system or initial set up, we will be able to suggest a plan that best suits each client's needs.

Bookkeeping Packages:

Quarterly Bookkeeping Package: 0-100 transactions per month for $400 and up (billed quarterly) This package is recommended for those that need the basics of bookkeeping to keep you organized.


Pricing starts as low as $400 per month (checking and savings), up to 150 transactions per month for each account.  Please Note: Each additional account will be $200 and up per month based on number of transactions.

QuickBooks Clean Up Service: Clean up will be based on normal monthly rate ($400) x each month that needs clean up. 50% deposit is required before any work is started. Remainder of balance will be due before reports are released to client.

Set Up Fees-$550 for new bookkeeping clients up to the last 2 months based on number of transactions. If additional months are required, an additional fee of $400 per month will be assessed based on number of transactions.

Business Consulting

Entrepreneurs have so much to handle for their start up and having a business consultant to help them organize their ideas is a great place to start. 


1 hour business consultations are $125 so that we can get an overview of your business goals and structure. Once hired, our rate starts at $550 (does include state filing fees) and this includes filing EIN (for start ups), filing your business with county and state (if applicable) that your business will operate, and research for state and federal laws for tax compliance (sales tax, use tax, franchise tax, etc.)

Operating Agreements can be prepared by a licensed attorney as well for an additional fee based on legal structure of business.

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